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Information about sponsorship

As running a race car is not cheap, here is the opportunity for yourselves to publicise your company for a credit crunch price.

The sponsorship works in two ways

  1. You can sponsor a race, this will get you coverage / exposure on the vehicle for the particular race. The size of your exposure depends on how much you are willing to sponsor the car for in the individual race.
  2. You can sponsor the whole season, this will get you coverage / exposure on each race over the season, depending on how much you sponsor the car for will depend on the size of the exposure.
  3. You can also sponsor parts on the car, this does not need to be the full cost of the part, but if you contribute a percentage of the part to the car, then you become a sponsor (its not just the car, we also need items like van hire, clothing etc).

For further details please use the details on the contact page which can be found here

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