July 23, 2017 wp-admin

Slovakia, with the GT4

Well it’s an interesting place, at the door to the circuit there are reminders of the Cold War, a mig fighter jet, a tank and a missile launcher.

The weekend started with a change of a front side radiators as one had a small pin hole and it was best to change it before the practice sessions.

In the first qualifying stint the car found the gravel and this caused holes to be present in both the front side radiators so these were changed, but it meant we did not compete qualifying.

Race 1 was a struggle as we started from close to the back, (8 ktm cars got excluded so they were behind us).  But we finished.  Race 2 was another story a spin on one of the faster corners would of been fine but we were collected by a Porsche GT4 and this broke a rear tie rod, so race over.