May 7, 2017 blog

Gt4 – Brands Hatch, not the best outcome

So, the second round of the northern gt4 series was held at Brands Hatch and for once the rain held off (expectation was to have a wet weekend)

It was a condensed weekend as there was no running allowed on the Friday so free practice and qualifying was held on Saturday with Sunday hosting both races.

On the free practice the car started to get an issue with the gearbox selection, sometimes it would give a box of nothing, other times it would change up at innopportune monents (mid corner for example)

Overnight McLaren supplied a new gearbox loom and a new yaw sensor, for the first race we swapped just the yaw sensor, but Steve still had issues with gears when he was 3/4 through his stint.

The pit stop is where it went wrong for me, I got caught by the front wheel and taken out by the front splitter running over my lower right leg. So my race weekend was over I was whisked to hospital with a suspected broken ankle, x-ray showed it to be a fracture of the lower tibia, so out of action for at least 6 weeks.

The driver change was competed with me sitting on the side lines, but the car had to retire later due to the same gearbox issue.

Second race was started by Andy after the rest of the team managed with the assistance of McLaren to change the gearbox loom, but Andy retired due to the issue still been present and it was not safe to continue to race for him, or others around him.

Next race will be at the redbull ring in Austria, which there is a very high probability that I won’t be there.