April 23, 2017 blog

Second round of andalucia copa

So the next round of the Hyundai Accent championship was to be held on the new Andalucía circuit (opened last year) its right next to the existing Almería circuit and ad Hans Peter had done the golf racing here last year we felt we had a slight advantage.

At the precious round we had some Michelin slicks, for this round we had the hard compound left, and some new Dunlop slicks that we were going to test with and possibly run in the race with.

First practice went well Hans Peter was lighting up all the sectors green and putting in great times, we decided that half way through the second test session we would switch to the Dunlops.  That’s when tragedy struck, Hand Peter stoped on track, initial thoughts were no fuel left, so we put in fuel after he had been towed back but the car would not start.  Standard tests fuel, air and spark were carried out and we had no spark, we tried new leads, crank shaft sensors, cam sensors, all to no avail.  At the last minute we checked the main circuit cutoff and noticed a wire on one of the ignition switches was loose, reconnected this better and the car fired up, just intime to get Hans Peter out on the track for the last part of qualifying.

The car qualified good and there was good battles in the first race, and we took second position. Due to the championship regulations the next race is a reverse grid, so we started second to last.  Hans Peter did a sterling job and waited for the right opportunities and found himself at the front of the pack.  We managed to finish this race first, and due to the fact another competitor has got the same results over the weekend (a first and a second place) it went down to lap times to see who had clinched the first place for the weekend, great news we had managed to get a faster lap time than the other competitor so we finished first for the weekend.  Next race at the same location (but the other track) on the 17th of June.