October 25, 2013 blog

Landrover, AA and enterprise

Well it all started on a cold Saturday morning with the discovery dropping out of cruise control and letting me know it was overheating due to no more coolant in the radiator.

Phoned the extended warentee recovery line and they sent a low loader to pick me up, and drop me at the next junction (why not direct to the Landrover garage that was just another 2 miles further on who knows)



About 1 and a half hour later a nice man in another discovery turned up (the emergency assist person) who was also confused that I was not left at the Landrover garage, he came quickly to the same conclusion as me that there was a leak. So he filled up the car, looked for obvious leeks a as there were non we set off to the nearest Landrover garage.

So car left there for them to look at, the kind emergency assist person took me to the enterprise rental place where I was told it was 48h hire then extendable to 9 days, this was the happy stage as I could continue my journey, that I had embarked on at 5am that morning (it now being 11ish)

Now the fun and games start, get a phone call from the garage that as a fuel cooler has come loose that in turn led to the coolant hoses resting on the driveshaft, and hence burst was ware and tear. How a std motorist is supposed to get to this part to check and why had it been ok for 7 years of the cars life, explanation is that part is removed when a gearbox is replaced (which my vehicle had had done not 4 months earlier)

So call to the dealer that carried out the work, they said you don’t remove those bits, then call Landrover customer service who said you do unless you are really trying to create extra work, so warentee company saying not them, dealer that fixed gearbox not them, Landrover customer service basically as car was not new enough they will not assist with the repairs. So I instructed the dealership that has the vehicle at present to fix at a cost of £300+ and arranged to pick up next Tuesday.

Couple of days later (today) I get the hire car company enterprise calling to ask if I still have one of there cars, why would I not it was given to me till I collect my car, and that’s next Tuesday, they then tell me I would be paying for the extra days as it was hired to me only for the weekend, I did ask why it tool them 5 days to call!!! Couple of calls now to dealer with car who inform me enterprise are correct and I need to pay for a car I ain’t used.

So call back to enterprise and very kindly they have agreed to wave the days over and I take that car back on Monday morning as they are not open when I am around this weekend.

So morel of the story is if your car goes into a Landrover main dealer check all their work after as they may if left out a bolt that they will not admit to and not do anything about unless you pay them for repairing their mistake.

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