October 30, 2012 blog

Sold the e36 Shell


Ok, as most people know now, on the day of the Rockingham race in 2012 we said good bye to the e36 shell, as its gone off to live as a m3 3.0 car. Our new project car is a e46 shell (just the shell) Its not been simple, we purchased a shell to use, but then noticed that the boot floor (a common issue on the e46) was too far gone for ourselves to repair, and that would take too much extra funds to get a bodyshop to replace the boot floor and subframe hanging area. So we got another shell 😉 by coincidence they are both the same colour, though this will not be the final car colour, that at present is probably going to be white. Currently we are stripping out the sound deadening from the shell, and then have to get it booked into the cage fabricators to get a cage fitted. The only part of the cage thats definitely needed is the read diff pickups, due to weakness in the e46 floors, all 4 diff mounts will be connected to the cage. Engine and drive train is undecided at present, if we still have the 328 engine that may be what gets used, but there is an idea to use a s54, s62 or a s65 engine, but thats extra expense and possibly complications in the future.

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