Oulton park race report rounds 11 and 12

Qualifying was not going that well, we thought there was enough fuel in, but when we took the first corner the light started to come on indicating low fuel, so we just counted about 5 laps and came in, this put us two places behind the other class C car, and over 1 second behind on lap times.

Race 1 started and there was some rubbing of class D cars, this delayed progress (we did not have that good a start anyhow) but also allowed the car to stay out of the incidents, going into the hairpin for the first time there was another couple of incidents, and we managed to avoid them, and got a very good exit, which managed to propel the car to first in class before kinckerbrook, which is where we stayed for the rest of the race. With the second class C car 11 seconds behind.

Race 2 we were in front of the other class C car, but still alongside on the grid, we did not get a good start again, and a couple of D cars got in front again, by the 2nd lap we had got past them, and also managed to get past the other class C car, to be first in class again, bad luck struck the other car in class, and they had to retire due to engine issues.

The strangest thing to happen over the weekend was the fastest laps recorded for a class C car that weekend was our car, but the actual lap times for the first and second race were identical down to the 1/1000 of a second, don’t think that could ever happen.

See the video below

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