Silverstone report for rounds 9 and 10.

This years outing at Silverstone was better than last years, where we went into the wall after a couple of laps with the newly wrapped car at its first outing.

We had a testing session booked on the saturday to try out some new wheels, and a couple of other mods, and from that we started off at a 1:13 lap time and brought it down to about a 1:11.

For qualifying we managed to out qualify all the class D cars with a time of 1:11.6 but at the start of the race it did not go so well as we got mugged by about 6 class D cars around corpse corner, so we had a battle on our hands to get back up to the position of being in front of all the class D cars, this is something that we did manage to do, and in the process set the fastest lap time for a class C car of the weekend 1:11.2.

The next race was not so good as our fastest lap time was 1:11.9, and on about lap 3 we got tagged by a class D car, the other car spun, but we managed to stay on track, but two class D cars finished in front of our car by about 10 seconds, so they were about a second a lap quicker.

Next race is at Oulton Park on the 14th July.

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