Brands hatch rounds 7 and 8.

This weekends racing went better than we could of hoped from, from a very poor qualifying to a interesting race, where I thought I was chasing down the other class C car, but found out later that he only did one lap then retired.

The second race was a good one, as I had the other class C car 6 places behind me, but with some of them being class A, and B cars they would not stay behind for long, so I had a plan to overtake a couple more class D cars in front of me and hopefully keep ahead of the other class C car, only issue was I did not know that the other class C car had yet again retired.

So out of the weekend we got 2 class wins, with 2 fastest laps for class C.

The next rounds (9 and 10) are at Silverstone on the 10th of June.

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