November 4, 2011 blog

2011 end of season report

Well this year has not gone to plan as it should do, it saw the car struggling at the start of the year due to a failed rear damper, then as we got to Rockingham the head gasket went on the car, the decision was made not to rebuild the engine, but to get a new one, and we elected to move up to class C, and use a 328 engine that was acquired, along with some other parts like larger brakes, larger wheels, larger diff (with LSD) stronger gearbox, and we were out for Oulton parks race with the car finished the night before, but the brakes were not fully clear of air so we had a spongy peddle and this was fixed after qualifying .

After the shake down at Oulton we then changed a couple of items for the rounds at Pembrey and then left the car as was for Brands, and managed a personal best at brands of a sub 1 minute lap (we really should be sub 57 seconds, but its a step in the right direction.)

As for the future, who knows, will we be out in 2012, that will be decided later on, will the car be the same? Will we actually purchase some new tyres, as 2011 we had been running on used tyres, and the grip of new tyres is noticeable.

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