April 14, 2011 blog

The car is fixed :) and we are out again racing this weekend

Well after a long 2 weeks the car is back to being nearly straight, and currently is just awaiting the number board to be put back on (that will happen tomorrow.)


Again at Snetterton we have the garages (like at Silverstone) but from what I have been told the ones at Snetterton are not as big, but at least we will be dry inside if there is any rain (if there is rain I may have to purchase some new tyres 🙁 )

Also After speaking to John at black art designs (www.blackartdesigns.com) he suggested to remove the oversteer and loose backend that I am experiencing that I should lower the car down a little, so on his advice I have lost some ride height, and probibly will now have to call in at B & Q and purchase some blocks of wood to help the car on and off the trailer, but we will see that tomorrow when I load up in preparation for Snetterton.

As with Silverstone the races at Snetterton are going to be on sunday, with the signing on, scruiterneering and qualifying on the saturday morning, so we will be milling around in the afternoon and mainly just chilling. I am hoping to have a new toy to play with this weekend, which should enable me to see better when to change gear, and also if I am doing better on the laps, as I will be getting direct feedback on my lap times, in real time.

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