April 18, 2011 blog

Snetterton 2011 race report

Well it was a disappointing weekend in many ways, but other ways it was good, at Silverstone 2 weeks before I had slid off into the wall, and damaged the left hand side of the car quite a bit. After getting advice from the company that built my suspension, about the rear end feeling loose, they advised me to lower it down to get more travel out of the dampers, this seamed to work as the car did feel more planted at the rear, but I would of preferred to do this testing on a test day rather than the actual race. The issue was that the test day was full, and the car then could only be tested on the actual race and qualification laps (not ideal).

I set a lap time of 2:32 for qualifying but for the first race my best lap was 2:35, and for the second race the best lap was 2:34, this could of been down to many things, one for sure was my confidence level, I think it had been hit after the crash at Silverstone, and I had not slept well for the weekend, and did have a head ache during the Sunday, I want to look again at the suspension and maybe raise it a touch, to remove a rattle that started to occur (and was a little off putting, I think its the helper springs not holding the spring in place properly when its not loaded), also the exhaust is making a little noise, I think the rear rubber mount has broken off.

The plan this weekend was to be more of a test session, but I was over 10 seconds of the leaders pace per lap, now considering this circuit was 3 miles long, and we normally race over 1 mile circuits, so I also think as soon as I had fallen of the back of the pack, it was very hard for me to catch back up, the pack can pull you along. I felt I did this last year also at snetterton.

Now we have to prepare for the next race, in 2 weeks time on bank holiday monday at castle combe, the difference with this race is it will be on live TV, so I had better try to get it right here 🙂

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