February 21, 2011 blog

Its started again…

Well as we are now well into 2011, I thought I better start to do some work on the car, I started off by getting the fire extinguisher serviced (as it was 2 years old, and they need a service every 2 years). At the same time I also bought a new battery as the old one had a few issues in 2010 when I left the alternator cable off at one race, this caused the battery to go very flat.

So the weekend was here, and I thought I would take off the rear brake lines to attempt for the forth time to get them converted to braided hoses (I keep getting lines that are too short, or not the correct fitting), but with the amount of rain falling I did not feel like lying on my back under the car in the wet, so I went to the local GSF shop and purchased a few parts required for a full service.

  • Oil filter
  • Fuel filter
  • Spark plugs
  • Thermostat
  • Water pump
  • Exhaust gasket
  • New belt

The plan was to do the service on sunday the day after the awards ceremony for 2010, but as I did not have the oil with me, that was forgotten about.


What I did do though was remove all the graphics, and stickers that were on the car for the last 2 years, as this coming year we are going to have a different look. Some stickers came off with a little heat with no issues, but others (that shall remain nameless) were a right pain, and did not want to come off at all.

After getting all the stickers off, I thought I would start the car, its not been run since november. intake_split
When I opened the bonnet though I noticed that the air intake pipe that goes from the air filter to the throttle body was slightly broken, this could of been attributing to the starting issue that I was experiencing at Thruxton in 2010. So we now have another job to do, I have the new hose that I got over winter from a friend that was breaking there car, but just have to find it now, and fit it.

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