February 3, 2011 blog

Fixing the little damage after 2010 final rounds…

During the first race at Thruxton in 2010, my car and that of another competitors got a little close, ok they tried to go round the outside by pushing me to the inside of ‘Noble’ so what was left was a dented door, rear quarter panel, and all they got was a little wing damage, and the indicator lens broke.


Whilst the picture does not show the full state of the damage, but the rear quarter panel near the sticker is pushed in and the edge is pushed to the door, the sill has a small dent (that will probably never come out), but the most painful is the dent in the door (highlighted by the red paint). The tyre marks were just a mark, and with a little polish should come off without harming the paint underneath.
I thought about having a go myself, but just visioned needing to get the door resprayed, and the quarter replaced if I touched it, so I thought I would try one of the many dent removal companies that advertise the ability to repair dents without needing paint.



As the one on the door had not broken the paint (the other dents had) this one was my main concern to get back into shape. After a couple of calls I got some estimates to fix the damage, and instructed one company Dent fix to come out and fix the dent. It was harder for them to do than expected as they did not realise it was aluminium doors (they are apparently easier to dent, but harder to straighten, as it takes more force to push them back to shape). After about 30 minutes of working on the door it was nice and smooth again, the rear quarter was also pushed back into shape as much as it could be (due to it being on a edge it could not be pulled back totally due to the inner constraints of the panel)

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