October 27, 2010 blog

Getting items from the states…

Some people have asked how I get some of the items that are on my car, well if you shop around then you see sometimes (most of the time) the parts can be cheaper in the states, buying from the US is easy with some companies, but others will only ship to the US, so to get around this restriction I use a service called bundlebox its a free to join service, you get your own US address to ship items to and then you can arrange them to be forwarded to your address in the UK.

They charge postage to send the item to the UK, and they also price in the custom charges, so there is no more to pay when the item is in the UK, I have used them on a couple of parts that were nearly double price in the UK, and I found there postage costs comparable with prices that I could get myself.

Follow this link to find out more about bundlebox

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