September 20, 2010 blog

The trouble with couriers and suppliers…

I brought a couple of items recently, one was brought from the north east of England and at present is returning from a trip round Germany, for some reason once I did not receive the item on the intended day I phoned the courier, and they located the parcel (sans label) we arranged for it to be delivered the next day (that was over a week ago) so whilst I am waiting for it the package is on a tour of Europe. I can guarantee that they will attempt to deliver it when I have nipped to the shop for milk.

Then suppliers, I recently brought an exhaust, its a two part item and one part was not in stock, I was informed that they would not part ship an order and I would get it only when all parts were availiable to ship together, well half has turned up on a saturday (they also stated no saturday deliveries), where is the other part you may ask. I enquired to the supplier to see if they knew, I got told that it was there but the other part (which they had sent me) was not availiable and they needed to wait for it to arrive. They are now sending out the missing part for delivery when I am not in! So in anticipation of the fun I am going to have with the courier, whilst trying to get that part of the exhaust off them.

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