August 28, 2010 blog

Air intake is installed…

Old air boxI installed the new intake today with the help of a reducer tube that I brought from they managed to deliver it next day (even if I ordered it on the friday). I needed a conversion from the 80mm original air intake size to the 70mm diameter of the 318is maf intake tube. They had the 70-80 reducer on the shelf, and it was the correct length so I have not had to make more joins, or cut anything down. The new air intake had a hole for the temperature sensor also, so I pulled out the original sensor from the old air box. When I took the old paper filter out I noticed that there was glass in my air box, this must of been sucked in at croft when my intake tube came loose from the bumper and was rubbing against the floor.

Here is another picture with the new intake fitted. It sits behind the headlight so it can get the cooler air from here and not use the warm air thats in the engine bay (or so I have been told)
New air intake

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