April 4, 2010 blog

Two weeks left…

With only 2 weeks left till the first race of 2010, and there still being jobs that are needed on the car like

  • Alignment
  • Finish off the rear trailing arm bush (the one with the snapped bolt in)
  • Lighten the car as much as I can
  • Fit new clutch
  • Tidy up the electrics and attempt to put on a coil on plug kit
  • Locate a new supplier for the tow van, as last years supplier has none this year

As the above list keeps growing, some items are going to have to be delayed, like the clutch, as it should last for the first race at Brands Hatch.

Other items are not in my power to do like the alignment and removing the snapped bolt, so the car is going to get transported to BM Sport where Jags is used to snapped bolts, as he does it himself on a regular bases.

From what I could lighten I started this weekend on the bumper supports, there are fibreglass mounting structures behind the front and rear bumpers that can be reduced in weight, by drilling circular holes in them (had to buy a hole cutter drill bit) and you can also remove the ends of the bars, all aids to save about 2.5kg’s per end of the car. The only problem that I encountered was after drilling about 7 holes, my drill ran out of charge, no problem you may think, but when I put the battery back on charge, it would not charge, so I can not finish the holes in the bumpers, although I did get the grinder out with a cutting wheel on and chopped off the outermost parts of the bumper support, and so far (not finished) have removed about 2kg of weight from the front bumper.

The electrics are waiting on a connector block to be sent from the suppliers.

The tow van has been sorted and I should be renting the same van for the coming season, so at least one thing has been done.

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