April 15, 2010 blog

Pre season work…

With the season starting next weekend (17th April) at brands hatch, and there was a couple of jobs still outstanding on the car that needed to be sorted.

  • Replace brake pads all round
  • Remove the weight thats in the front and rear bumper carriers
  • Refit the front wheel arch liners (to stop stones and debris going into the area behind the front wings.)
  • Simple service items like changing filters, and checking oil levels
  • Replace the brake fluid
  • Put on the new doors (they still can be lightened in the future)
  • Apply the stickers to the new doors and remove ones that are not this years sponsors.

The weight loss from the bumper carriers, was about 3-4kg when I removed the ends of the carriers, and got a new drill to cut out a lot of the material from them. I got told I can get them lighter if I use some of the alloy carriers that were used on early cars, but these are difficult to get hold of.pre-season-bumper-2

Next was to put on the new doors, that have been sprayed by Gary at ‘the vehicle repair center’ (http://www.vehiclerepaircenter.co.uk) and his company has joined as a sponsor of the bodywork this year.

pre-season-new-doorthe photo does not look good as the rest of the car was so dirty, so that means a cleaning session is on the way, so out with the snow foam.


Still have the stickers to put onto the new doors, and as the championship has some new sponsors, a couple of existing ones needed to be removed, also we have a new regulation on the stickers, in that our surnames are to be on the front windscreen by the kumho windscreen sticker.

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