March 22, 2010 blog

Rear bushes…

Well I tried to change the bushes on the rear of the car, I started with the top wishbone bush, as I had brought some of these from ebay earlier in the year, to ensure I could remove them easily, I had brought the proper tool, this helped a lot, and the existing bush was removed easily.

To put it back in the tool has to be dismantled and reversed, so I began to do this, and assembled the tool in place with the bush in the center, but the bush just slid in, this was obviously not correct, so I have had to order another 2 bushes today from a proper BMW dealer.

Whilst I had the car in the air, I noticed the rear copper brake likes were starting to look ropey, so these are now scheduled to be replaced, and I proceeded to change the rear trailing arm bush (RTAB) and put in some powerflex bushes that I had brought from bmsport. One side went easily, the bolts were tight but they did undo and it was all reassembled and put back, then it was time to change side, when I started the RTAB on the drivers side, the first thing that I did was snap my extension bar that I was using to reach the bolts, so this is where it ended for the day, as they are 18mm bolt heads, I did not have the socket in my 1/2 driver set, so could not progress.

Will have to buy a 1/2 socket in 18mm and also will replace my (now broken) 3/8 extension bar, before I can continue with the bush replacements.

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