January 31, 2010 blog

Got some lightweight wheels…

race2wheelAfters last seasons racing I need to get the weight of the car down by about 100kg’s to be on the minimum weight (being on the minimum weight helps with my power to weight ratio, which should entail me being quicker). My wheels that I ran last season weighed 9kg each, these new wheels have a weight of 6.8kg each, so I get a saving of 8.8kg by using these new wheels. I got them matt black so the look of the car is unchanged, these weights are without tyres mounted on the rims.

Other ideas to shed the weight is to lighten the front and rear bumper carriers (although don’t know by how much that will lighten the car by), there is still some metal that can be removed from the bonnet and boot (but I think this is minimal), so the next weighty area that I can think of is the windows, swapping them for perspex, I have been told could free up about 10kg, but they are expensive, so before I splash out on the windows a little more research is needed to quantify what the weight saving will be.

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