August 31, 2009 blog

Lightened the boot, and brought a cat bypass tube…

Everybody else in my class has lightened the boot by removing the inner skin, and just running with the metal outer skin, this is fully in the rules, and gets them about a 5kg weight advantage over me, so it was out with the angle grinder this weekend and I removed the hinges and inner skin from the boot, so the panel that is left, is now held on by 4 aero catches (needed these as my car is kept outside and want to keep a little security). My bonnet is also lightened a little, but there is still more to come from this, the side parts of the inner skin are still attached, this should be rectified shortly.

Also whilst contemplating what to do with the exhaust (most places I have called are giving a 8 week lead time on getting an exhaust built for the car), so I found a car replacement pipe for the 318is, but it was going to be £130 delivered, so I did not know if I should try or not. But then on Sunday morning whilst checking the said cat replacement tube on ebay, I noticed the same part, but second hand (1 month old) so I put in a best offer, and brought it for a more reasonable price than the £130 for the new one)

Hopefully this will arrive on Thursday, so I can fit in the evening and check the car still functions ok. The next plan about the exhaust will happen after this next race, as I need to see how much extra power this modification does offer, this will be a comparison with the other racers lap times, and when they try to out drag me on the straights (which there is a long one at Rockingham)

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