July 24, 2009 blog

Plans nearly wrecked for croft…

Well I got up early today to go and fetch the hire van, when I got to the rental office, I was informed the van with the towbar was not there, it was about 20 miles away in Reading, it was not the end of the world, we discussed what to do and came to an agreement that they would pay my train fare and I would go over to the other branch and pick up the van from there.

Now it would not be that simple would it, I then got asked why I wanted that particular vehicle, I mentioned it was the one they had with a tow bar, then I was informed that there insurance was invalid if I towed anything, so I could not rent it.

Now I have a sign on meeting tomorrow at 11 o’clock and no way of getting the car (thats already on the trailer) to the race meeting.

After phoning about 5 van rental places with no luck, I phoned the race organiser to break the news that I would not be attending, unless I could find a way to tow the car to the circuit. He informed me who he rented a van from, but when I called he had rented the last one, but they told me another firm that may have one, they did not, and to cut a long story short, after about 4 other rental companies recommended me other firms (due to them not having anything to rent with a towbar for this weekend) I spoke to Delta self drive in Egham and they had a few available.

Now if you know the transport system in England, its not simple and for me to get there, would be a mission, but as I was still in the rental office that had let me down, they could see the problem and kindly offered me a lift to the other rental office, so I could get the van.

So for a simple 10 minute job of picking up the van, it took me four hours, and numerous phone calls to get one.

But now we can go and race.

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