June 13, 2009 blog

Pembrey qualifying…

This is probably not the best time to have a first drive of a car, but it passed scruitineering, with a couple of questions about the standard air intake, and it seams they had not previously seen the power-steering radiator still on a race car.

My first drive was a little apprehensive, you have to remember that I put the car back together myself, had I done up all the correct bolts, did I put enough brake fluid in the car, all these kind of questions went shooting through my head whilst we were waiting to go out on track for the qualifying session.

All the previous questions disappear though when you get on track, and the other competitors are coming past you at full chat, and then you feel that you are not moving at all. They come from all directions, you have to keep an eye at all times on the mirrors, and also concentrate on the racing line. It was an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

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