June 13, 2009 blog

Finished the car just in time…

Today the car has had the wiring finalised, the arches have been rolled so they clear the wheels that I have fitted, its quite amazing the little jobs that you need to do and how long they actually take. Simple way now to work out time needed, is to estimate the work then double the time.

Well its 1am in the morning, and I have just managed to get the fire extinguisher, electrical cut-off, working on the car. There are still a couple of jobs that need doing but with the time that is is, I do not think the neighbours would of been too pleased if I started to drill holes in the car for the fire extinguisher nozzles, so this will have to wait till I am at the race track tomorrow.

We are getting up at 5am to leave at about 7ish, so we can get to pembury at about midday. The car is already on the trailer (we did this in the evening to ensure it would fit)

Jobs to do when we arrive at the circuit

  • put some p-clips around the extinguisher tube
  • bolt on the steering wheel securely, its only finger tight at present.
  • stick on the stickers that assist the marshals to locate the cut offs
  • put in the harnesses and adjust them
  • put in the door panels, if i need to
  • get some new tyres on the car
  • put on the roll cage padding
  • cable tie some of the loose wires

I feel this weekend is going to be a long one.

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