May 31, 2009 blog

Suspension is on…

car-with-suspensionOver this weekend I have put on the race suspension that I got from, this was a interesting and difficult task.

I started on the front of the car, there are 3 nuts holding the strut on at the top, and 2 bolts with a bolt and nut at the lower end, I managed to remove all the nuts and bolts, apart from the nut and bolt at the bottom of the strut, this would not budge, so I thought after hitting it with the english spanner (hammer for all you not in the know), I would move to the other side, this also went the same way, and I was left with the same bolt/nut in both sites. The only solution I could think of was a trip to the local ‘B and Q’ to get a blow torch and introduce some heat to the nut and bolt in an aim to free it up, this took a further 3 hours to remove the bolts on both sides.

When I compared the new suspension to the old, there was quite a difference in size
It did fit on though, and the front was bolted back together, I put on the new disks as I had to remove the carrier to get the suspension off, but left out the pads, as I want to refurb the calipers before fitting it all back on.

The next day (Sunday) I attacked the rear suspension and this was relatively straight forward compared to the front, and the hardest part was removing the spring from the rear arm, and it needed a lot of pressure to move the arm far enough down to enable the removal of the spring, drivers side was easier as the spring had broken.

At present I think the rear may be a little low, but will look at altering it another day.

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