May 17, 2009 blog

It started today…

nest-of-wires-1Thought I had better try and start the car today, when it went to have the cage fitted, I stripped out the wiring loom, and whilst doing this I also removed some of the unwanted circuits.

As the car is going to be a racing car, I decided that I did not need the central locking, electric windows. These circuits are all part of the E36 body control module, also known as the ZKE IV. As I have also removed the air conditioning I could loose the wiring for this also. The radio wiring went a long time ago. Due to the car needing to go on a specific day to have its cage fitted, I removed most of the wiring blind (not tested, but removed in a methodical manor), so todays test staart was a important one to pass, as it was the first time I tried to start the car since removing the parts of the loom. The test was successful it worked. The first time I turned the key I got nothing, but I tried again and it worked fine, I think it must of been the EWS system getting reacquainted with the key, as its memory of the key could of been lost whilst disconnected for over 2 months.

I also fitted the aluminum bulkhead panel I had previously made, so I do not have water leaking into the passenger compartment from the engine bay, this also stops any fumes, or fire passing into the passenger compartment. Currently its held in-place through 4 bolts, I want to change this so it uses ‘rivnuts’, this will make it simpler to remove if required, I also have a gasket to be attached to it so it seals perfectly.

The jobs that are still left to do are as follows :-

  • Fit the fire extinguisher system, this is on order and I have gone for an electric trigger system.
  • Fit the lightweight battery, I have gone for a Varley redtop battery, this will be located in the rear passenger footwell, near to the fire extinguisher, and tidy up the rest of the wiring loom.
  • Fit the EBC brakes that I have previously brought from
  • Fit the new coilover suspension that I have from
  • Get my rims painted in the same colour, I have one set orange and one set white at present.
  • Fit a battery isolator, cutoff switch.
  • Put the dash back in, as this is a requirement of the Kumho championship (
  • Put in the seat and a harness.

bulkhead panel cage-from-front nest-of-wires-2

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