April 25, 2009 blog

Went to see the car…

I went to see the car yesterday, although the cage is in, there is a couple of little items still to be done, like welding back some parts that had to be removed to get the cage in (like through the bulkhead, the holes have to be cut out, then closed back up).

The main reason I went was for the fitting for the seat, we did this the simple way, as Ant has his car there and its a e36 M3 with the same seat that I have purchased, it was just a case of me sitting in his car, and seeing where the seat should be for me.

I have also purchased a HANS device from stand21, their RS model, as I feel that this is my first year racing and I want to have the best safety devices around me that I can afford. I have still to get the helmet, and to do this I need to go and try on a few again, snetterton is the next race on the 10th May, but I do not think there is any race shops there, so it will be a trip to GPR at silverstone when I collect the car from Speed Religion (this could actually be before the next race).

I have also agreed to get the cage and the inside of the car painted through Speed Religion, although this will cost more than if I do it myself, when I get the car back it will be a simple case of putting the vehicle back together. The car should be ready for collection in about 10 days if all goes well.

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