April 12, 2009 blog

Went shopping for a couple of items…

As it is a bank holiday, we went down to ‘Castle Combe’ race circuit and visited Merlin Motorsport, mainly to try on helmets and race suits, although the car is not ready yet (still having its cage fitted) when its back I will be spending time on getting the car ready, and may not be able to focus on the race suit / helmet side of the buying.

I tried on a few to gauge the correct size, what we found was that all the different makes have different ideas of what the same size should be, for example, a size 56 in an ‘Alpine Stars’ suit, would be the same as a size 60 in a ‘Sparco’ suit.

suit-1 suit-2

After about 2 hours of trying on helmets and suits, I decided just to take the suit (and gloves, socks and balaclava) as trying on the different size helmets had hurt my ears, and I did not want to make the wrong decision on this part, so will be leaving the helmet for another day.

Also I picked up my race numbers (to stick on the door) and the black cross on the yellow square, also known as the target, this is the sticker that all new drivers have to have visible on the rear of the car, until they have completed 6 races.

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