March 9, 2009 blog

Its ready for the cage…

I finalized the wiring today by removing the loom that covers all items bar the engine, this loom also includes the fuse-box.
As you can see in the picture to the left the loom now resides in a plastic bag and will do until the car returns from having the cage fitted.
I also took the precautionary measure of removing the anti theft wheel locking nuts from the 4 wheels as I would not want the cage people to need to remove a wheel and the locking nut was lost in the transit of the car to them.
Also with all the bits removed that I can sell stored in the garage, and all other bits in the bin, you can see the full level of stripping inside the car.
The main item left in the car is the green temporary seat that will be going to the council tip, and the steering wheel that is being replaced.

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