February 1, 2009 blog

Yet more stripping…

Today I removed some of the residue that was left behind when I removed the sound deadening material.
Some people said use white spirits, some said petrol, what I used was some specialized liquid that removed the tar based substance. Spray it on wait 5 minutes and then wipe it off, it took a couple of goes for some parts but most of it is off.
I also removed the dash to see what was behind and how simple it would be to remove the air conditioning unit thats behind the dash.
I still have to do the rear of the car, there is some sound deadening on the rear shelf and in the boot that will be removed.
I have a set of side skirts ready to go on (from a weight point of view they should probably stay off but I think the car has to also look nice, so I am currently also looking for a rear bumper (m-tech style) to replace the existing one.

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