February 23, 2009 blog

The air con is out…

The heater box has now been removed, and I am left with a large hole in the dash board ( will have to get down to the B&Q motor-sport section to procure some aluminum to fill the hole ), as you can also see on the photo the dash is also out.
The heater system came out quite easily, I got a air-con specialist to remove the gas from the system (and put it in the ‘significant others’ car as hers was low on gas) and then started to undo the bolts that hold the air-con tubes and other air-con items to the car like the compressor, condenser etc. Next inside the engine bay remove four 10mm nuts that are just accessible from the engine side, and nothing, the large black item would not move, there is a rubber sticky gasket that goes between the two, this had to be pried apart before the heater box would come out.
Currently the water pipes that fed the heater system are open and need to be closed off, this should not be to difficult as the water must flow in a circuit.
The next job before the cage is fitted is to trim down some of the wiring, items like the electric windows, central locking, rear heated screen can all be removed, and just leave the car with the essential items, like lights and the starter circuit.

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