February 28, 2009 blog

Started on the wiring…

As the car is booked in for a cage in 2 weeks (and counting), I needed to start on moving the wiring from the inside to under the bonnet (to allow the cage to be fitted).
This involved taking the wiring out of the vehicle and moving it to the engine bay, I thought I would take the opportunity to start to thin it out, there were certain circuits that I would not be needing, like the central locking, the electric windows and mirrors.
It took about 4 hours to trace the wires that were not needed from the passenger door back (just did the rear section of the car today) and got the bag of wires that you can see in the photo.
The wires that were the hardest are to be found near the centre of the car, these wires control the abs sensors on the rear wheels, and the speed control thats plugged into the rear differential, BMW has tie wrapped the cables to the chassis and to get your hand up to release these tie wraps is lets just say a mission. I think to put these wires back on I would need to drop the rear subframe, as it would be simpler.

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