January 25, 2009 blog

Stripping continues…

strip1Today I started to remove the sound deadening material that is all over the car (its like a tar/bitumen, sticky panel, and helps to make the panels not resonate)<

I went outside at about 9.30 to start the job after some research on the internet, some people just hit it with hammers, and chisel it off, others use dry ice, but the majority of people seam to use some form of heat gun.

Problem number one I do not own a heat gun, and buying one to be used once was not high on my priorities, so the girlfriends hair dryer, a wooden spatular from the kitchen draw and off we go.

The first panel I attacked was the passenger side floor, it took me about 4 hours to clear one part, it was slow progress, looking at the time and the amount I needed to do I was thinking it would take me about 2 days to get it out.

But the next panel was under the rear seats, this just fell off with a little heat and persuasion, so I was back in with a chance to do this in one day (depending on light)

Drivers side footwell was next and this was in the same state as the rear seats, it came away with ease, and only tool me 2 hours to do the footwell.

I still have a couple of little panels to do on the rear shelf and some in the boot, but I am generally pleased with progress made today, even though my hands hurt.

Next step is to remove the residue of the sound deadening panels, I am going to try autoglym tar remover first, and then move on to the white spirits etc, but this will be next time.

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