December 18, 2008 blog

The ARDS test.

Well it was that time, on a cold and foggy morning I set out from my house to go to Brands Hatch, I had booked my ards test with MSV (motorsport vision) and took the precaution of having a hours training on the circuit with one of there instructors before my test.

The test was scheduled for the afternoon and in the morning I had the training.
It was a trackday, so there was a lot of nice machinery around, Aston Martin DB9R, a couple of X-Bows, radicals and a few BMW’s. For me this was quite daunting as I had not been on a track before with this many people.
During my tuition, I found out that they could use this tuition towards the ards test, if I was competent enough, but I would only find out this later.
For the actual test (there was four of us taking it on this day) we watched the video, next was the driving, I was notified that I had done enough in the training session earlier so I did not need to go out again (I could of if I wanted to but that could of blown my chances if I span it on the second go.)
When the other 3 had done there driving we did the written test, all of us scored 100% in this, so it was just the results of the driving that we needed to see if we had passed our ARDS.
We all passed, and about 2 weeks later I was in possession of my racing licence.

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