November 15, 2008 blog

The car at the start

The car is a 1998 BMW e36 318is coupe
It has the M44 engine that is a 1.9 4 cylinder engine, the colour is alpine white, and the wheels are 17″ replica BMW motorsport rims that are normally found on M3’s
With the regulations for the kumho stating that you can only run 15″ rims, the garage I brought the car from dropped in a set of 15″ alloys from a e46, and I was left to sell the 17″ wheels on ebay.
The specification of the car is quite basic, it has no M-tech body styling on it, (although I am sure it soon will), the bottom of the bumpers and sills are in the grey colour, but mainly its a clean (84000 miles) honest car.
OK it had a couple of issues, like the seals around the windows have all perished, the engine mounts were shot and it looked like it had not had an oil change for about 20,000 miles, but nothing I could not sort.

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